Innovation Club

“An idea to reality”


To provide a platform for building a scientific entrepreneurial ecosystem at IICE. Innovation group will grow and prosper in the years to come with the involvement of more innovators. The zeal and passion to execute something would be the vision for our club.


  • Culture:  The student projects ideas through the brainstorming sessions.
  • Conduct: Workshops, meet-ups and hands-on-training program in the field of entrepreneurship and scientific technology.
  • Connect: Become a part of research conclaves and start-up competitions in the field.

Future Plans/Goals

  • To develop a self-sustainable hub for Entrepreneurial Sciences at IISER Bhopal.
  • The cumulative effort by the talented members of the club would allow us to expand our horizons to transform project ideas into pre-startups.


  • Dr. Vineet Kumar Sharma
    Faculty Adviser
    Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Jatin Khaimani
    student Coordinator
    BS-MS 2015
  • Akhilesh Shailendra Khamkar
    BS-MS 2014
  • Swadhin Agrawal
    BS-MS 2015
  • Archit Devarajan
    BS-MS 2018
  • Subhasish Mahalik
    BS-MS 2018
  • Prithvi Divyendu Poddar
    BS-MS 2017