Innovation and Incubation Center for Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE) is a Technology Business Incubator established at IISER Bhopal (IISERB) with a built-up space of 10,000 sq. ft. at the main building in the IISERB campus. IICE, Catalyzed and Supported by NSTEDB Division, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi is aiming at creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem on the campus and its vicinity. IICE facilitates innovation in Bioscience Research and Entrepreneurship by providing Research, Development, Training and Services and mentorship in state-of-the-art incubation space and technology platforms. As a part of our mandate, the IICE has created an entrepreneur-friendly culture within the Academic/Research environment through its involvement in promoting faculty and students led start-ups and hand holding them to take their innovation to the next level.

IICE is one of the fastest growing Technology Business Incubators among the incubators at higher educational institutions (HEIs) in India. IICE supports potential start-ups by providing them co-working space with office and research labs, mentoring support, networking and also helps them with technical, legal and financial matters as well as marketing. IICE is also open for incubation for the external entrepreneurs as our goal is to promote the culture of entrepreneurship within the campus and in the vicinity.


To be a centre of excellence that catalyse start-up culture at the institute and fosters synergy between industry and academia by providing a conducive environment to nurture the technological innovations with impactful ideas and aim to become one of the leading Technology Business Incubators in India.


  • To create and promote entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus and its vicinity
  • To convert inhouse generated technologies and ideas in to commercial products
  • To support early stage startups with space, facilities mentorship and networking

Key Functions

  • To provide facility space, common office equipment, technological assistance to the incubatees
  • To incubate start-ups by providing them with a conducive environment and mentorship
  • To organize events in order to build and promote entrepreneurial skills among students and faculty
  • To facilitate the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem at IISER Bhopal and in its vicinity
  • To establish academia-industry relationships for innovation in science and technology
  • To encourage and engage our alumni students in entrepreneurial activities
  • To facilitate technology transfer and protection of intellectual property at IICE

Funding Support

IICE gratefully acknowledges the support and generous funding from NSTEDB, Department of Science and Technology (DST) for its establishment at IISER Bhopal under the NIDHI-TBI scheme. IICE also acknowledges the support from the host institution IISER Bhopal towards providing the infrastructural support including built-in space for IICE-TBI at the main building of IISER Bhopal. Better is we segregate it into two sentences.


IICE thanks the financial and infrastructural support received from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal (IISER Bhopal).