Title: Transformation from Lab to Industry and Shaping up your career

Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE), IISER Bhopal is organizing a Careers Talk by Dr. Varuni Livera (Senior Process Engineer, Intel, Oregon, USA). 
The webinar is being organized in association with the Institute Career Development and Placement Council (ICDPC) and the focus of the talk will be on moulding the career from lab to industry. The details about the speaker and the schedule are given below for your kind information. 

About the Speaker

Dr. Varuni Livera is currently working as a Process Manager, Intel (USA). Intel Corporation designs manufacture and sells computer, networking, and communications platforms worldwide. She is associated with Intel for the last 5 years. Dr. Livera joined Intel after completing her Ph.D. (Inorganic Chemistry) at the University of Arizona, from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Dr. Varuni Livera is a multitalented person with a blend of teaching, research, and industrial expertise.  Dr. Livera utilized her skills and technical expertise gained from research to begin a career in the industry. She has also published some very good research papers during her graduate studies. In addition to the research, she has immense teaching experience in Sri-Lanka (her native country) and USA (internationally).
She served as a temporary assistant lecturer at the University of Columbo (Sri Lanka) where she supervised and coordinated sophomore inorganic labs. At the University of Arizona, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, she has expertise in teaching general chemistry and senior-level advanced inorganic chemistry courses. She has also received several honors and awards during her professional career. Some of her notable awards include the Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC) Travel Grant, Chemistry and Biochemistry Departmental Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Teaching, Award for Valuable Contribution to UA Peer Integrator Programme, Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award, and Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Teaching Program.
Dr. Varuni has received 5 divisional awards from Intel LTD - logic technological Development in multiple areas namely 14 nm and 10 nm process implementations, Automation implementations, and Training library Development.

Speaker: Dr. Varuni Livera, Senior Process Engineer, Intel, Oregon, USA

Date: 22nd July, 2021 (Thursday) at 10:00 AM (IST)

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Title:Patent Filing Procedure in India

Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE) and Centre for Science and Society (CS 2 ), IISER Bhopal organized a webinar on “Patent Filing Procedure in India” on January 29, 2021. The webinar covered all the details of the Patent filing process in India, including forms, fees, timelines and related technicalities.

About the Speaker

Dr. Gargate has over 23 years of experience in academia and industry to execute various innovative projects as an IP teacher, researcher, consultant, information scientist, and law & management professional. She has created two self-explanatory NPTEL courses: 1. Roadmap for patent creation and 2. Entrepreneurship & IP strategy.

Dr. Gargate has PhD in IP Management from IIT Bombay, LLM (IPR) from Mumbai University and PG Diploma in Patent Law from NALSAR Hyderabad. She is recipient of several awards and honours including Late Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Gold Medal, Late Justice M. C. Chagla Gold Medal, Y. V. Chandrachud Award, M.Sc. Microbiology - Gold medal, etc.

Speaker: Dr. Gouri Gargate

Date: 29 January 2021 (Friday)

Time: 03:00 PM

YouTube link : Click here

Title:Patent Search and Patent Filing

Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE) and Centre for Science and Society (CS2), IISER Bhopal organized a Workshop on “Patent Search and Patent Filing” on December 23, 2020. The interactive session cum workshop was conducted by Dr. Rahul Kapoor, Founder and Director, Turnip Innovations Private Limited. The workshop introduced different platforms for prior art search and also explained the procedure of patent filing in India.

About the Speaker

Dr. Rahul Kapoor, Founder and Director of Turnip Innovations Private Limited, has over a decade of experience in Patent Information Science, Searching and Consulting large conglomerates. He obtained his Ph.D. in Innovation Management from LUT University, Finland and has over 15 research articles published on innovation management in reputed international journals. He is the data architect of IPGRAM, a global patent analytics platform covering over 100 million patents from over 100 countries. The details about the session are as follows

Speaker: Dr. Rahul Kapoor

Date: 23 December 2020 (Thursday)

Time: 11:00 AM

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Title: Values of entrepreneur filters in the selection of translational research problems

About the Speaker

Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE), IISER Bhopal conducted the 3rd Entrepreneurship Talk under the virtual Entrepreneurship Talk Series started by IICE to promote and encourage innovative entrepreneurship. Our invited speaker for the talk was Dr. Vishal Rai, an Associate professor and Swarnajayanti Fellow at the Department of Chemistry, IISER Bhopal.

Dr. Rai is a faculty entrepreneur, and the Founder & Director of Plabeltech Private Limited, the first start-up incubated at IICE, a technology business incubator of IISER Bhopal.

Speaker: Dr. Vishal Rai, Founder, and Director, Plabeltech Private Limited

Date: 23-10-2020

Time: 11:00 AM

YouTube link of the webinar: Click here

Title: CURVEBALL-2020: An annual institute level Entrepreneurship Competition

Curveball, an annual institute level entrepreneurial competition is a flagship event of IICE- IISER Bhopal organized in collaboration with Student Activity Council (SAC). CurveBall- 2020 consisted of the grilling pre-qualifier and final round of well-prepared business pitches, judged by the panel of esteemed judges with rigorous Q&A sessions. Winners of the CurveBall-2020 are selected as student pre-startups for business incubation support at IICE, in addition to the collaborative prizes by IICE and SAC-IISER Bhopal.

CurveBall-2020 received proactive response from the student community and many potential business ideas were presented during the competition. IICE thanks all the respected judges for critical evaluation of business proposals and valuable inputs for the success of CurveBall- 2020.

Judges of Pre-qualifier (October 17, 2020)

Dr. Aasheesh Shrivastava, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, IISER Bhopal

Dr. Kushal Kumar Shah, Associate Professor, Dept. of EECS, IISER Bhopal

Dr. Vineet Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, IISER Bhopal

Judges of Finals (October 31, 2020)

Dr. Pankj jain (IAS), Collector and District Magistrate - Vidisha, MP

Mr. Rajat Jain, Founder - Padup Ventures

Ms. Surabhi Sharma, Director (Project Leader) at Sanofi

Ms. Khair-Ul Nissa, Executive Director at World Trade Center India Services

Results of CurveBall-2020

Winner: Team Azalea Books (Team Members: Yash Saxena & Shivam Shukla)

Runner Up-1: Team Marshmallow (Team Members: Sneha Thomas, Nileena Ranjith & Goury Poornima P)

Runner Up-2: Team Dream Makers (Team Members: Shrujan Rajdeep & Gopika S R)

Special Appreciation: Team iGEM IISER Bhopal (Representatives: Archit Devarajan & Shashaank G)

IICE-IISER Bhopal congratulate winners of the competition and heartily thanks all the participants to make this event a success,

Title: INK WITH IICE- A Doodle Making Competition

The Student Innovation Club of IICE organized “Ink with IICE: The doodle making competition” on the occasion of World Doodle Day. The theme of the doodling competition-2020 was “Entrepreneurs: Turning Crisis into Opportunity”.

Result of the Competition

Winner: : Kaushal Kenjale - 19162

Runners-up 1: : Fathima Sahala - 17089

Runners-up 2: : Shreya Dhopte - 19105

IICE-IISER Bhopal congratulate winners of the competition and heartily thanks all the participants to make this event a success,

IICE thanks respected judges of "INK WITH IICE", for their valuable time and critical assessment of entries.

Title: Lifecycle of a start-up

About the Speaker

Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE), IISER Bhopal had organized an Entrepreneurship web talk by Garima Mitra, Co-founder Treelife Consulting. Garima Mitra is a Lawyer by profession & leads the legal and compliance segment for the emerging businesses and start-ups in the Technology space at Treelife Consulting in Mumbai. She also advises multiple emerging businesses and start-ups in developing the best and most effective legal frameworks from inception until raising the funds and making it successful.

The talk was being organized as a part of the virtual “Entrepreneurship Talk” series started by the IICE to promote the start-up culture and encouraging innovative entrepreneurship among students, researchers, and faculty members at IISER Bhopal and in the vicinity.

Speaker: Garima Mitra, Co-Founder Treelife Consulting, Mumbai

Date: 19th September 2020 (Saturday)

Time: 11:00 AM

YouTube link of the webinar: Click here

Title: A Scientist Entrepreneur - How to Create Successful Business in Life Sciences?

Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE), IISER Bhopal had conducted a Keynote Talk by Dr. Anand Anandkumar, Founder & CEO, Bugworks Research. Dr. Anandkumar is a role model and a true inspiration for Indian Science Entrepreneurs. The talk had been organized as a part of the opening ceremony of CurveBall-20, an Institute level entrepreneurial competition coordinated by IICE and Science Council of IISER Bhopal. The details about the talk are as follows

About the Speaker

Dr. Anand Anandkumar is the founder and CEO of Bugworks Research Inc (, a growing drug discovery company that aims to discover novel treatment options for resistant bacterial infections. Dr. Anand has received his Master’s and PhD. in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from the George Washington University, Washington D.C. Before co-founding Bugworks, Dr. Anand was the founding Managing Director of the India operations of Magma Design Automation, where he was responsible for setting up and driving many aspects of the Operations.

Speaker: Dr. Anand Anandkumar, Founder & CEO, Bugworks Research, Bengaluru

Date: 15th September 2020

Time: 6.15 PM

YouTube link of the webinar: Click here

Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) with MSME-DI - (January 2020)

MSME Development Institute, Indore under Entrepreneurship Skill Development Scheme organized a two-weeks Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) in association with Bhopal School of Social Science, Bhopal from December 27, 2019 to January 7, 2020 at Bhopal. The objective of the program was to encourage and orient young aspiring students who are prospective entrepreneurs. All the participants visited Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE) for “A visit to an incubator” as a part of this program. The introductory session of the visit was commenced by Dr. Amjad Husain, CEO-IICE. He explained the importance of entrepreneurial skills and role of academic incubators to sensitize the student community for the same. Mr. Jatin Khaimani, Student Coordinator, Innovation Club-IICE presented brief report on several student activities at IICE and encouraged the participants to be part of such events in future. Mr. Arun Thapar designed and circulated the assignment for the participants which was focused on sensitising the students about innovative entrepreneurship. The event concluded with address by Mr. Gaurav Goyal, Director In-charge, MSME-DI, Indore (Ministry of MSME).

Entrepreneurship training program with Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology (MPCOST) - (December 2019)

Quality Assurance Laboratory (QAL) of Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology (MPCST) organized a Training cum Workshop on “FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY: Career Opportunity in Food Science & Technology Sector” from December 11-13, 2019. About 25 candidates (B.Sc., M.Sc. Students and Faculties of Chemistry and Food Sciences divisions) participated the training program. Half-day session of the workshop focusing on “Innovative Entrepreneurship and Role of Business Incubators” was organized at Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE) on December 12, 2019. The first interaction session was commenced at 11.00AM by Dr. Sandeep Raut, Innovation Manager, IICE. He explained the importance of “writing a business proposal” and “market analysis” in innovative entrepreneurship. Dr. Amjad Husain, CEO-IICE interacted with the participant in the second session and briefly explained the life cycle of an entrepreneur “from ideation to setting up a company”. He encouraged the participants to visit IICE and be a part of various entrepreneurial activities in future. The workshop concluded with an assignment for all the participants about drafting a business proposal. Mr. Arun Thapar, Project Office Assistant, IICE designed and circulated the assignment to all the participants. The contact details of all the interested candidates were collected in order to inform them about future events at IICE.

Felicitation Ceremony - (November 2019)

IICE organized a felicitation ceremony on November 15, 2019 to acknowledge the contribution of student volunteers of all events organized by IICE, and winners of all competitions at IICE. Students participants shared their experience working with IICE and suggested a few events to be organized to attract more students at IICE. Dr. Amjad Husain congratulated all the participants and encouraged them to be part of IICE startup activities in future. Dr. Sandeep Raut presented a road map of activities at IICE and talked about recruitment of student innovation leaders in the near future.

Curveball: The institute level entrepreneurial contest (September – October 2019)

Innovation and Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (IICE) organized an institute level entrepreneurial contest in collaboration with Science Council, SAC during Singularity, 2019. IICE organized an orientation session of CurveBall on September 13, 2019 to sensitize the student community of IISER Bhopal about the competition. Dr. Amjad Husain encouraged the students to consider entrepreneurship as a potential career option and shared the examples of several researchers who became successful entrepreneurs. Dr. Sandeep Raut, Innovation Manager, IICE explained the vision behind CurveBall-19’, the selection criterion, and the rules & regulations of the contest. CurveBall received proactive response from the student community of IISER Bhopal and 16 teams presented their business idea during pre-qualifiers on October 2, 2019. After a gruelling Pre-qualifier, 6 out of 15 teams made it to the finals during Singularity, 2019. Panel of three judges for the finals included Dr. Amjad Husain, CEO-IICE, Prof. Amitabh Pandey, IIFM, Bhopal and Dr. Pankaj Jain (IAS), MD of Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam. The team presenting “Fictomete: An app that differentiate writing into fiction and non-fiction” were selected as winners. The students presenting “HerBAND: Customised microneedles to reduce menstrual pain” were first runner up and a student’s idea “HandFuge: Whirling based handheld centrifuge” won as second reunner up. All three winners were selected as students’ pre-startups at IICE, in addition to the cash prizes.

Visit of Adviser and Associate Head of NSTEDB (September,2019)

Dr. Anita Gupta (Scientist-G) is the Adviser and Associate Head of National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), DST. Dr. Gupta visited IICE on September 30, 2019 for interaction with IICE incubates and inspection of current infrastructure facilities at IICE. Dr. Amjad Husain introduced the guest with IICE incubates and presented the overview of progress report of IICE-TBI in last one year. Dr. Gupta explained several schemes (seed funds) for the startups at DST supported TBI and the criteria for the same. Several funding opportunities for the growth of IICE-TBI were also discussed during the meeting.

Visit of delegation from Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam Limited (MPLUN) - (September 2019)

Dr. Pankaj Jain (IAS), Managing Director and Mr. V.C. Dubey, General Manager, Public Relation Officer from Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam Limited visited IICE on September 23, 2019. The objective of the visit was to explore the possibility of collaboration between Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam Limited and IICE-IISER Bhopal for partial support to the startups and student pre-startups at IICE. The event started with an interaction of guests with incubates at IICE. Startups and prestart-ups at IICE briefly explained their business ideas and progress of work. Innovation leaders of Innovation Club, IICE also briefed the guests about student entrepreneurial activities on campus. Dr. Pankaj Jain talked about future opportunities for startups at IICE for scale-up to market stage and highlighted several schemes of state government to encourage innovative entrepreneurship in the state of Madhya Pradesh offered. The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between IICE and Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam Limited, MP for the said collaboration has been drafted and IICE is following on it.

Ink with IICE: The Doodle Making Competition (September 22, 2019)

Innovation Club, a student activity club at IICE organized “Ink with IICE: The doodle making competition on occasion of World Doodle Day. With the aim to create entrepreneurship awareness in student community of IISER Bhopal, theme of the doodling competition was decided to be “The life of an Entrepreneur”. Fifteen participants submitted their artwork in two different categories. Eleven participants submitted the hand-drawn doodles and four entries in the digital formats were received. Three winners for doodle on paper, two winners for digital doodle were selected along with one special appreciation prize. The artwork of the winners will be displayed on IICE webpage and inside the open incubation hall of IICE-IISER Bhopal.

National Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme with C-CAMP (September 2019)

IICE organized a “National Life Science Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme” on September 17, 2020 in collaboration with BIRAC Regional Entrepreneurship Centre (BREC), Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), DBT. Hundred and Twenty-nine candidates including students and faculty members of six different institutes, including IISER Bhopal registered for the event. Special focus of the event was to display opportunities for Bio-entrepreneurship and to encourage researchers and prospective entrepreneurs for the same. Dr. K. K. Narayanan, Founder and Chairman, Kottaram Agro-Foods narrated his own journey bio-entrepreneur titled “Converting Life Sciences Idea into a Venture”. The program had a dedicated session on Intellectual Property Rights by Ms. Aarushi Jain, Leader–IP and Education Practice Group, Nishith Desai Associates. Ms. Nandita Chandavarkar, Consultant - Entrepreneurship & Head - C-SAP, C-CAMP addressed the participants with the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and funding opportunities at C-CAMP. The last Session of the event was an interactive session with a Bioentrepreneur, Mrs. Pooja Sharma, Co-founder, Cutting Edge Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd. This event helped to explore the possibilities of collaboration and funding opportunities at C-CAMP.

Networking Event for Entrepreneurs with FITT – IIT Delhi (July 2019)

IICE organized a half-day networking event in collaboration with Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), IIT Delhi. Seventy-three participants, including faculty members from AIIMS Bhopal, MANIT Bhopal, and IIFM Bhopal attended the event. The event also received proactive response from the students and faculty members of IISER Bhopal. Dr. Amjad Husain, CEO-IICE presented “IICE as a potential site for business incubation in Bhopal”. Dr. A. Wali, Managing Director, FITT-IIT Delhi talked about Innovative Entrepreneurship and Role of FITT. Dr. Ashutosh Pastor, Manager, BBIF, FITT explained funding schemes for Bio-entrepreneurs including BIRAC-BIG schemes. Finally, Dr. Vishal Rai, Founder of Plabeltech Pvt. Ltd., the first incubate startup at IICE-IISER Bhopal shared his experience as “A journey from researcher to entrepreneur.