“Tackling real-world problem with the tools of synthetic biology”

iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) is an annual worldwide synthetic biology competition. The competition aims at summer-long multidisciplinary teamwork to design a project and build genetically engineered systems using standard biological parts called BioBricks. IICE supports iGEM-IISER Bhopal teams with mentorship and infrastructure facilities as student pre-startups.

iGEM-IISER Bhopal-2019 worked on E.L.S.A. (E. coli Learning Suboptimal Acclimatization) and grabbed Silver medal at Giant Jamboree for IISER Bhopal. iGEM-IISER Bhopal-2018 worked on METHNOTE (A Prototype of Methane Biosensor) and grabbed Bronze medal at Giant Jamboree for IISER Bhopal.